Valentin Petrov Pounds Sean Zevra’s Man Hole

Valentin Petrov Pounds Sean Zevra's Man Hole

Sean swallows Valentin’s cock whole and gives him a sopping wet hummer. Still locked in the cage, Sean surrenders the key that releases him to Valentin. Valentin opens the cage door and pulls Sean out by his harness only so Sean can worship his massive meat even more. Valentin returns the favor and goes down on Sean’s uncut cock then pushes his legs back to eat his scruffy hole. Once Sean’s hole is lubed up and relaxed, he gets on all fours while Valentin eases his hole-stretching dick into Sean’s muscle butt!

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Dominated In A Wrestling Match and Fucked Hard

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The winner throws the loser to the floor and delivers a heavy piledriver fucking, pushing the loser’s cock into a humiliating self-suck. For a victory lap, the winner torments the loser’s nipples with clover clamps and has the loser taste his own pathetic cum. With the winner standing above him, the loser then graciously accepts the winner’s hot load.

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Tattooed Hunk KC Foot Worshiped – My Friends Feet

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Ricky Larkin loves worshiping feet and this time it was tall dominant hunk KC’s size 11s he got to adore. And wow, did he ever adore them! He had his face in KC’s dress socks in no time flat. KC loves to have his feet serviced and got a real kick out of Ricky going crazy on his. He looked great in a suit, but even better with his shirt, shoes and socks off as Ricky worshiped his feet to the fullest!

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Kyle Kash Begs To Cum While Tied Up

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Kyle Kash is trying to work out at the gym when Jesse Colter and Sebastian start to perv on him. When Kyle blows off their advances he gets caught up in Sebastian’s ropes and bound to the exercise equipment. They cut off Kyle’s clothes and by the time they’ve stripped him down to his jock he’s already rock hard. Kyle nearly cums while getting his nipples sucked so the boys slow down and keep him in suspense!

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Connor Maguire Tests Dylan Knight’s Pain Tolerance

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Connor takes the slave from the fence and secures him on the rack. With his back contorted into a severe arch, the slave worships cock and has his balls crushed. The slave begs for mercy as Connor flogs his open chest, but Connor refuses. Instead of mercy, there is only pain and pleasure, and the slave is made to chant that mantra as the flogging intensifies. Connor suspends #002 from the ceiling and pounds his massive cock deep into the slave. He jerks a load from his slave before having him eat it off his leather glove. The slave is brought to his knees and hungrily takes his master’s cum. Satisfied, Connor walks off, commanding #002 to wait at attention for the next dom.

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Bodybuilder Tatum Flogged And Fucked Hard

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The Pit – Muscled body builder Tatum gets his cock hard before his first challenge can commence. He’s beaten down with heavy punches before having his nips tormented and his torso beaten with the flogger.

The Water Chamber – Chained to the wall, Tatum has clothespins clipped all over his torso before enduring the sting of the riding crop whipping against his flesh. Van turns the water on full blast to rip the clothespins away while Tatum screams at the top of his lungs.

The Gimp Station – On his backside, Tatum’s tormented with the electric zapper while taking every inch of the gimp’s giant cock deep in his ass. His torment switches from zapper to flogger as he’s made to ride the gimp’s cock until blowing his load all over the place!

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Military Sub Takes Huge Dildo Up His Ass

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This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.

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Twink Eats Cum and Gets Flogged

bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_01 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_02 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_03 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_04 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_05 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_06 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_07 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_08 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_09 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_10 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_11 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_12 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_13 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_14 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_15 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_16 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_17 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_18 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_19 bt237_dakotawhite_nicomichaelson_20 Twink Eats Cum and Gets Flogged

Nico might not understand exactly what he’s signing when dominant Dakota makes him sign the contract, but he soon discovers what he’s done when he’s choking on the boys cock, being face fucked, then strapped down for some caning and flogging! His ass is owned, completely and utterly as Dakota barebacks his hole, makes him, then unloads his own jizz in his slaves face before tying him to the bed.

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Trenton Ducati Tortures and Fucks Cass Bolton

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Just as Cassius believes he dodged “attention” from his master, the Dominus reverses course, ordering the subligaria removed from Cassius’ loins. He commands Cassius to get an erection and kicks Cassius to the cold ground for not doing it fast enough. The Dominus cruelly stomps Cassius’ balls, finally bringing his slave to full attention. He coats Cassius’ lean body in hot wax, making his slave squirm in agony as the wax drips on his balls and tongue.

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Chase Lachance Tied Up and Foot Worshiped

mff0636_chaselachance_01 mff0636_chaselachance_02 mff0636_chaselachance_03 mff0636_chaselachance_04 mff0636_chaselachance_05 mff0636_chaselachance_06 mff0636_chaselachance_07 mff0636_chaselachance_08 mff0636_chaselachance_09 mff0636_chaselachance_10 mff0636_chaselachance_11 mff0636_chaselachance_12 mff0636_chaselachance_13 mff0636_chaselachance_14 mff0636_chaselachance_15 mff0636_chaselachance_16 mff0636_chaselachance_17 mff0636_chaselachance_18 mff0636_chaselachance_19 mff0636_chaselachance_20

Chase LaChance learned pretty quickly in this scene that he shouldn’t have stayed over at my place. He fell asleep and looked so good that I couldn’t help tying him up and gagging him so I could get at his awesome feet. Chase is one of the most masculine men I’ve ever met and that would certainly include his feet. His dress socks and bare feet smelled SO good as I sniffed them, worshiped them and licked them completely clean!

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